I've embraced my past mistakes to craft a renewed version of myself, turning each misstep into a stepping stone toward success. Today, I'm here to share my journey with the world.


My Experience



I am a trader, converting market insights into profit through my analysis and strategic risk management. Forget the news, the truth lies within the charts.


I was a trading professor, dedicated to imparting skills in the dynamic world of financial markets, giving students the ability to make conscious decisions.


I'm a serial entrepreneur, driven by a relentless pursuit of diverse business ventures, always innovating and turning ideas into thriving enterprises.

Content Creator

I've been a content creator, engaging the audience, inspiring new traders, and helping many people better understand the world of finance.

My name is Alessandro Tenentes, CEO of a DeFi project. I have a solid understanding of existing protocols and smart contracts. I have visited over 45 countries in my life and have a law degree with a master's in finance. However, I don't think it's right to call it "law" because what has been created by humans is always imperfect and can be ignored.

The only true laws are those of the universe, and we cannot ignore them even if we wanted to, such as gravity: no matter how strong we are or how high we throw a ball, it is destined to fall. This is exactly what fascinates me about trading. What we see on a chart is visual mathematics, and no matter how quickly a price may rise, it will always be destined to fall. Many people contact me with the illusion of becoming millionaires, influenced by dishonest individuals on YouTube who promote the idea that trading is synonymous with luxury cars, vacations in Dubai, and easy profits, or others who claim that their analysis technique is superior to another.

Today, I will give you your first lesson: Just like in martial arts, there is no superior technique, but different skills of those who master it! Trading is a journey that goes beyond financial gain. It can deeply change you, allowing you to grow as a person, improve yourself, find serenity even in defeats, and manage victories to the best of your abilities.

All traders make mistakes, successful traders are the ones who accept them and analyze them honestly.

“The real experiences have never been written in books. They must be lived to be understood. Gurdjieff”

I have made many mistakes in the past that have helped me grow. I am not ashamed of my losses, my stop losses, or when I foolishly followed others’ analyses instead of my own. What has happened has contributed to creating the trader I am today.

Through many experiences, I have come to the realization that there are too many injustices and absurdities in this world. At the age of 22, I ventured to a Shaolin monastery in China to train. Upon returning home, I felt mentally strong enough to confront a dream I had since childhood: to search for my father in another country, knowing only his name and the city where he lived. After finding him and discovering his difficult situation, I tried in every way to help him, even financially.

A year and a half later, I traveled to Palestine as a volunteer, mostly picking olives. There, I was recruited as a photographer in a war zone by a non-governmental organization. That’s when Athena, my first humanitarian project, was born, with the hope of offering my help even in Europe. Back in Europe, we distributed toys to children in hospitals, provided food, and organized parties in five European cities. However, the world soon taught me a harsh lesson: it is not possible to help others if you do not have a continuous source of income, because relying solely on donations is tantamount to starting out defeated.

Disillusioned by Athena’s failure, I took some time to recover. I decided to dedicate myself to trading, teaching it to anyone who wanted to learn, and organized cryptocurrency-related events. This path has led me to today, to my second opportunity to create a DeFi project that can help people: “Athena DexFi”. Although my projects may change their names, their purpose always remains the same: to help others.

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